Eco-friendly treatment for carpet beetles

Eco-friendly treatment for carpet beetles

Wool carpets and linen clothing can be destroyed by carpet beetles.Have you noticed unexpected damage to your clothing, curtains, carpet, or furniture?There is a possibility that you have carpet beetles.In order to save your textiles from destruction, you must stop the insect invasion.

To prevent carpet beetle damage to your home, here are several non-toxic tips that will help you kill and repel carpet beetles naturally.

What to know about carpet beetles

There are a number of destructive insect invaders among which carpet beetles are most prominent.This creepy culprit is less than 0.25 inches in length as an adult and is either black or a mixture of tan, white, and black in coloration.In the event that you suspect an infestation, check around windows and doorways for congregation.Despite their annoyance, adult carpet beetles do not damage natural fibers; only their larvae, which resemble small, hairy worms, cause them harm.

Do not assume they live only in carpets based on their common name.Generally, they prefer dark places, so can be found behind counters, behind baseboards, closets or dressers (especially near furs and wool), sofas, armchairs, and other upholstered furnitures.Pet dander and fur in corners under furniture and in corners are also likely to attract carpet beetles.

Carpet beetles’ primary food sources are cotton, linen, silk, wool, and blankets.Some carpet beetle species feed on pasta, flour, cornmeal, and dry pet food in the pantry.Some of the carpet beetle eats dried flowers, potpourri, and even animal hides.

Signs of carpet beetles

Due to their small size, carpet beetles are hard to detect buttheir damage and evidence are obvious.

  • Embryos on carpets, furniture, or pet hairs
  • Blankets, rugs, and clothes with bare spots
  • Animal taxidermy with bald areas
  • You may notice tiny brown or black droppings on or in your wardrobe.
  • A type of fecal pellet that is approximately the size of a salt grain.

Here are some natural methods for removing carpet beetles

Most people are not aware of an infestation until they observe damage to fabrics or other items caused by carpet beetles. Due to their small size, carpet beetle eggs are often difficult to see.Preventing carpet beetles should be your top priority, whether you have them already or are concerned that they may in the future.For a complete carpet beetle infestation to be eradicated, you must remove adult beetles, larvae, and eggs.You can prevent carpet beetles by following these best steps,

  • Frequently vacuum: When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the best one is yours go to method. In order to control these pests, it is best to maintain a clean living environment.It is essential for homeowners to regularly vacuum floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture to remove potential food sources. Following the completion of your floor cleaning, vacuum all furniture and curtains as well. Ensure that you vacuum every part of your upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, etc.) that cannot be machine washed, using the appropriate attachments to reach the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Vinegar solution: You can spray a spray bottle filled with water and apple cider vinegar on infested clothing, carpets, and upholstered furniture to remove the infestation. In order to kill remaining eggs and larvae, wash clothing in your wardrobe with vinegar and water if you notice carpet beetles crawling along it.
  • Boric acid solution:It may be necessary to take more drastic measures to eliminate carpet beetles if the infestation is severe.A powdered form of boric acid can be found in many supermarkets and can be sprinkled on a carpet to kill embedded carpet beetles.In a spray bottle, combine 1 tablespoon of boric acid with 2 cups of hot water.It is important to stir the powder until it has dissolved completely.In order to combat carpet beetles, you should spray your curtains, upholstery, skirting boards, and dark nooks where larvae can be found hiding.Boric acid is not a viable treatment option for pet owners, since it is poisonous only if ingested in large quantities.
  • Steam cleaning: When it comes to carpet beetles, steam cleaner can be a very effective solution, especially if you have longer-pile rugs or pretty much anything else that is difficult to clean properly with a vacuum.As a result, it is also highly effective when used on upholstery, where it is highly effective in driving out beetles and their larvae.To remove them all, you will need to steam clean multiple times.This water-powered appliance will take care of carpet beetles if you are wondering how to get rid of them naturally.
  • Clean everything up: It may not be possible for your carpet to provide enough food for large populations of these insects.Your other clothing and furniture responsible for that. Aside from cleaning all the clothing, including towels, bedding, cushion covers, and curtains, you will need to learn how to wash silk and wool, which are two natural fibers that carpet beetles find attractive. You can consider throw away highly infected clothing.
  • Use Diatomaceous earth: Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized algae dust that dehydrates insects.Like boric acid, sprinkle the powder over the infestation areas and vacuum them up after a few hours. Do not forget hard-to-reach areas.
Eco-friendly treatment for carpet beetles


All in all, there are numerous other methods that can be used to eliminate carpet beetles.Nevertheless, these are the most effective natural methods that you can perform on your own.You may also consider an insect fogger and repair any entry points you can think of into your home if these methods are not effective.Hopefully, this article will assist you in solving your bug problem and ensuring a healthy environment for your family.

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